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My name is Dr. Brendon Bradley, a practicing chiropractor with more than 20 years of experience treating patients. I have treated literally thousands of people with lower back injuries. When treating a person suffering lower back pain it is always important to determine any activities that could have caused the injury. Often it is discovered that a person has a job or activity that is performed on a regular basis that is creating a repetitive stress injury to their lower back.

The worst movement or lift for a low back in terms of injury is forward flexion, twisting and then lifting. These three forces are extremely damaging to the discs between the vertebrae within the lower spine. Picking a heavy cylinder off of the ground up onto a truck is a perfect example of these devastating forces. The force exerted on the lumbar spine and discs with this type of lift exceed 1500 lbs. The ECL is the solution to take these risks out of the equation. Now a 100 lb. cylinder can be moved around with ease, requiring forces no greater than 20 pounds. The best part is there is no bending required.

Every business that deals with heavy gas cylinders is going to want these because that will greatly reduce work related injuries and save thousands of dollars a year by reducing time off for injuries and increases in worker’s compensation premiums. According to a study done by Cornell University, “More than one million workers suffer back injuries annually, and these account for one in five workplace injuries (Bureau of Labor Statistics). 80% of these injuries are to the low back (lumbar spine). Back injuries cost the US economy billions of dollars each year.” If you want to provide a safe work environment and decrease your costs associated with work related lower back injuries, then you absolutely need to have the ECL available to your workers. Not only will you be decreasing the occurrence of injury, but your business will be more efficient which means increased production and profits.

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